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Episode 95: Creating a Timeless Product for Our Clients – Heather Durham

Are you searching for a classic and timeless style for your brand and products?

In episode 95 of the Bokeh Podcast, photographer Heather Durham shares her approach to creating a timeless product for clients to enjoy for years to come. Listen in as she shares her post-production process for creating this look and delivering quality products.

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Show Notes

Heather’s Aha Moment: While at a conference, Heather heard someone tell her that she can’t do it all. She needed to delegate what didn’t require her in the business to someone else.

Technique for Free Time: Being intentional is key for having free time from work.

Heather’s Work: She doesn’t want to stick to one genre or niche of photography, because she feels challenged with photographing something different or new on occasion.

The Gear Bag: 70-200mm lens or Arca-Swiss Cube Head

Creating Timeless Images: Keeping classic edits that don’t take on trends or fads will help keep images timeless for your client’s families to enjoy long after their gone.

Heather’s Post-Production Process:
1. Load photos into computer.
2. Send to Photographer’s Edit to cull and edit.
3. Provide gallery and album guide to clients, either in person or online.
4. Clients will favorite the images they want added to their album, then Heather creates a spread in Pic Arts of those images for proofing.
5. After final proofing, Heather uploads to Red Tree Albums, and ships directly to the client.

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