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Episode 136: Standing Out in the Noise – Misty Christensen

Do you feel lost in an over-saturated market where every photographer is providing the same service?

In episode 136 of the Bokeh Podcast, Misty Christensen describes how important it is to set yourself apart in order to stand out to your ideal clients. Check out her advice on the three questions you should be asking yourself to make sure you don’t fall into the background of your market.

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Show Notes

Technique for Time: Putting the phone away when you should be focusing on something else.

Brand Position: A photographer who cares about you and your wedding.

The Gear Bag: Nikon D750 with a 105mm 1.4

3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Stand Out:
1. What are my strengths?
2. What are my weaknesses?
3. What makes me different as a person?

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Website: Mistycphotography.com
Instagram: Instagram.com/mistycphotography