Episode 348: How to Simplify Instagram Marketing – Casey Crowe Taylor

Are you intimidated by the amount of work that goes into marketing on Instagram?

In episode 348 of the Bokeh Podcast, Casey Crowe Taylor discusses a few ways to simplify your approach to Instagram marketing in order to make it work for your business! If you’re constantly feeling discouraged on Instagram, take a listen to this episode as Casey brings a fresh perspective to the conversation!

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Show Notes

Customer Experience Principal: It’s not about you, it’s about them. (1:55)

Brand Position: (4:33)
Personal: Help people see their own unique beauty.
Photography: Real people having fun.

“People buy from you when they feel understood, not when they understand you.” – Dean Graziosi (10:35)

Time Technique: (12:06)
1. Hydrate and meditate first thing in the morning.
2. Take Monday mornings off to do whatever for yourself.

Impact of Outsourcing (18:00)

Inspiration Outside of Photography: (26:57)
Driving with really loud music.
Traveling and shooting on film.

Book Recommendation: Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein – bit.ly/bp-superattractor (31:58)

Why Instagram is a Struggle: (39:17)
1. Photographers have a deep emotional connection to work, but it interferes with their marketing (re: validation).
2. Photographers rely on the internet to tell them what to do when it comes to posting, so they do it, even if it isn’t quality.

How to Get Out of Your Head: Write your caption first, then select the image. (41:32)

Misconceptions About the Algorithm: It’s working against you. (45:08)

“Instead of doing instagram purely as a marketing tool, remember you’re there to connect with other humans.” (47:12)

3 Things Your Should Stop doing on IG: (48:00)
1. Stop spontaneous posting and schedule it out.
2. Stop using the same 30 hashtags on every single photo.
3. Stop describing what is already visible, because you’re duplicating content they’re already seeing. Start adding CTAs to your posts.

Grab Casey’s IG Prompt Freebie: bit.ly/bp-caseyigcal
Watch Casey’s IGTV on Instagram Mistakes: instagram.com/tv/B4ffuv_hCgw
Watch Casey’s IGTV on Instagram Engagement: instagram.com/tv/B7WEhkZlcZp

Building Community on IG: (57:42)
1. Comment back on every comment.
2. Every time you get a new follower, go like and comment on their feed. Block spam accounts. Send video/audio DMs to accounts that engage with you.

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