Episode 418: 4 Vital Principles for a Healthy Photography Business – Larry McGill

Have you found yourself revisiting the basics of what it takes to run a healthy photography business?

In episode 418 of the Bokeh Podcast, Larry McGill of Obsidian Photography joins us to share how his experience in photography and the news industry has helped him develop a skillset for success. Listen in as he discusses the four vital principles that have made a positive impact in his business.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Philadelphia and Mainline Headshots and Portraits that Sell Your Personality

Customer Service: (3:42)
– Make your clients feel like you know what you’re doing.
– Make your clients feel comfortable in front of the camera and through the whole process.

Technique for Time: Learn to say no or I can’t do this. (11:23)

Outsourcing/Delegation: Social media management. (13:58)

Book Recommendations: The Millionaire Next Door (19:10)

NBC Affiliates vs Owned by NBC (23:01)

Working Remotely as a News Producer (24:41)

4 Vital Principles for a Healthy Photography Business (25:53)
1. Staying cool under pressure.
2. Adapting on the fly.
3. Paying attention to detail.
4. Relating to other people.