Episode 419: Pivoting to Personal Branding Photography – Mandy Liz

Have you found a love for personal brand photography, but aren’t sure how to make the pivot in your business?

In episode 419 of the Bokeh Podcast, Mandy Liz joins us to discuss the differences in wedding photography and personal brand photography. Listen in as she highlights the changes you’ll need to make in your business in order to better serve your personal brand clients and their businesses.

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Show Notes

Based in: Nashville, TN (1:52)

Brand Position: On a mission to empower and encourage women through photography in their current season. (4:28)

Customer Experience: Underpromise and overdeliver. Show that you care about their needs. (9:08)

Delegation/Outsourcing: Copywriting, wedding editing, virtual assistant, and client gifts.(12:09)

Technique for Time: Schedule your days off. (17:22)

Inspiration: Marketing focused content, outside of the photo industry. (19:07)

Book Recommendations: (20:07)
Building a Storybrand – bit.ly/storybrand
The Go Giver – bit.ly/bp-gogiver

Commercial vs. Brand Photography (27:10)

Wedding Clients vs. Brand Client (28:56)
1. Commercial Agreements, Releases, & Usage Rights
2. Pricing, Packages, & Selling for Commercial vs. Personal Use
3. Photo Credit, Editing, Etc. Aren’t Required.

Shot Lists for Brand Photography (37:55)

Creating Themes for Your Clients (41:02)

Blue Indigo Creations – blueindigocreations.com
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