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Episode 254: Wedding Party Posing on a Time Crunch – Alina Thomas

Are your wedding days so busy that you find very little time to capture the wedding party photos?

In episode 254 of the Bokeh Podcast, Alina Thomas provides a step-by-step posing workflow to capture a variety of wedding party photos when you’re on a time crunch.

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Show Notes

Technique for Time: Batch working to schedule blog and social media posts. (1:58)

Book Recommendations: Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller –  bit.ly/bp-storybrand (6:48)

Advice for Photographers: Consistency is key to anything you commit to. (9:47)

Brand Position: A wedding photographer for couples who want more than just beautiful pictures, they want a full experience. (14:24)

The Gear Bag: Macro Filters – bit.ly/bp-macrofilter (20:05)

Step-by-Step Wedding Party Posing Flow:
1. Camera – Wedding party lined up on each side of the couple, looking at camera. (28:28)
2. Laugh – Original position, but looking at each other and laughing. (28:54)
3. Cheer – Original position, with couple kissing & wedding party cheering. (29:32)
4. Camera – Have the wedding party move around and pair up, then repeat the first three poses, starting with looking at camera. (29:59)
5. Laugh – New position, but looking at each other and laughing. (29:59)
6. Cheer – New position, with couple kissing & wedding party cheering. (29:59)
7. Silly – Full wedding party making silly faces.
8. Walking – Bride & Groom walking ahead of everyone else, then kissing.
9. Selfie – Have wedding party get together like they’re taking a selfie, but the photographer is shooting it.

Quick Tip: Take a landscape and portrait image for double the images.