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Episode 364: Posing Flow for Boudoir – Anna Johnson

Do you struggle with creating a seamless experience while posing your boudoir clients?

In episode 364 of the Bokeh Podcast, Anna Johnson of Boudoir Ego walks us through the posing flow she uses to capture a variety of images with a few simple poses. Listen in as she shares some of her favorite tips for delivering the most out of your sessions!

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Show Notes

Customer Experience During COVID-19: Keeping communication open and popping on social media more than normal. (1:21)

Technique for Time: Set a schedule for yourself. (5:29)

Outsourcing/Delegation: Hire a CPA (9:54)

Inspiration: Watching TV (16:25)

Book Recommendations: (23:55)
Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis – bit.ly/bp-washface
Calm the F*** Down by Sarah Knight – amzn.to/bp-calmthefdown

There is Growth in Experience (29:26)

Photographers that Inspire Anna:

Posing Flow for Boudoir: (33:15)
1. Starting on the bed; laying on back, stomach, side, feet on wall, etc. + a variety of each of these shots.
2. Move them to half on/off the bed (legs off).
3. Move all the way to the ground; back against the bed, then back on the ground.
4. Move over to the window; against the wall on the ground, on knees, standing up.
5. Move to the couch; Start with sitting, then lay down on back, stomach, side, etc, then kneeling on the couch facing the window/light, etc.

Tip for Shooting Boudoir: Capture a variety of angles and shots for each pose you place your subject in.

Tip for Variety: Shoot through objects like plants, glass balls, prisms, etc.

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