Episode 291: Removing the Hierarchy from the Photography Industry – Co Hodges

Have you ever felt disconnected from or left out of the photography community based on your skill level or experience?

In episode 291 of the Bokeh Podcast, Co Hodges of Unraveled Academy shares her thoughts on building an inclusive community and overcoming hierarchy in the photography industry. Listen in as she discusses the significance of relationships and authenticity in community building.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: All artists of all walks of life can come to learn, grow, and connect with others, where students and teachers are on the same level. (2:26)

Book Recommendations Pt. 1: Start With Why (4:14)

Advice for Photographers: There will always be another mountain to climb and conquer, but enjoy the one you’re facing now. (5:49)

Technique for Time: Create dedicated office hours. (10:33)

Book Recommendations Pt. 2: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (15:50)

Spectrum Inspired: To raise awareness and de-stigmatize autism spectrum disorders. (18:40)

The Gear Bag: Monopod (23:29)

Hierarchy in the Photography Industry: Stems from “fan-girling” over artists in the community, who then allow themselves to be put on a pedestal. (26:30)

Overcoming the Hierarchy: Adding Value (31:16)

Significance of Relationships (34:49)

Significance of Authenticity (36:36)

Sharing Vulnerable Parts of You: (39:50)
1. Write down 100 things that make you up as a person.
2. Cross out anything you wouldn’t be willing to share online.
3. Use the remaining things to open the doors to your vulnerability.

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