Episode 139: Capturing Motherhood – Lindsey Harmer

Do you struggle to connect with parents during your birth sessions?

In episode 139 of the Bokeh Podcast, Lindsey Harmer explains how becoming a doula helped her not only connect with, but support parents during the birth of their child. Listen as she provides 3 tips to break into the birth photography market.

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Show Notes

The Lesson: Lindsey was trying to do everything in her business alone. It finally downed on me that we don’t have to be in competition with each other.

Brand Position: A birth photographer who is there to be a witness, but also there to be a supporter.

The Gear Bag: Canon 24-105mm and 50mm

What is a Doula?
A doula is a birth buddy (or coach) that is there to be an advocate for and support the mom, know her birthing plan, and do everything to keep that plan in effect.

Primary Characteristics of a Good Birth Photographer:
A photographer has to be trustworthy; the client is letting you in on a very intimate and emotional day, both physically and emotionally.

How to Break Into the Birth Photography Market:
1. Start with the people you already know and have built trust with.
2. Get educated on birth and the process and prepare for what you’re going to see, especially if you haven’t gone through it yourself.
3. Reach out to the community: mom communities, OB offices, etc.

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