Episode 138: Business Financials for Creatives – Colleen Bies

As a creative, your finances are the last thing you typically want to manage, yet they are paramount to the success of your business.

In episode 138 of the Bokeh Podcast, Colleen Bies reveals the biggest fear for creatives when it comes to accounting. Listen as she shares three tips for overcoming those fears and setting your business up for financial success.

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Show Notes

The Lesson: Allow yourself to be open to the world and the community.

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Biggest Financial Fear:
Creatives claim to just be creative minded, not business minded.

3 Tips for Finances:
1. Consistently look at your financials.
2. Pay attention to the numbers, where they come from, and what they mean.
3. Get professional help.

The Gear Bag:
Pentax 645n
Canon 1V

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Rising Tide Society

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