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Episode 210: Taking Care of Our Mental Health – Vanessa Hicks

Are you overwhelmed from taking on too much work in your photography business, but are afraid to ask for help? As entrepreneurs, the state of your mental health should be a priority in your life and your business.

In episode 210 of the Bokeh Podcast, we’re joined by Vanessa Hicks to discuss the importance of taking your mental health seriously. Listen in as she opens up about her battle with anxiety and depression, and shares solutions to avoiding the six triggers of mental health challenges.

If you’re struggling with your mental health, we encourage you to find support or connect with the National Alliance on Mental Health.

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Show Notes

Technique for Time: Give yourself days off.

Book Recommendations:
168 Hours – bit.ly/bp-168hours
Girl Code by Cara Leyba – bit.ly/bp-girlcode

Advice for Photographers: Make sure the foundation of your home is sturdy before you take on this journey of entrepreneurship.

The Gear Bag: Canon bodies and Sigma lenses. (Sigma 35mm Art)

6 Triggers for Anxiety:
1. Stress & Lack of Self Care to Manage
2. Uncertainty
3. Social Isolation
4. Barriers to Mental Health Resources
5. Identity and Self-worth is Attached to Our Business
6. Shame & Feeling Alone

1. Find free time so you have a break between business and yourself.
2. Set specific and realistic goals for your business.
3. Connect with a community you can relate to.
4. Find free resources through Google.
5. Put yourself and your family first.
6. Vanessa is here, you’re not alone, reach out to her.

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