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Episode 166: Elevating Your Brand to the Luxury Level – Charity Maurer

Are you offering a photography service that not only stands out in your market, but also provides a luxurious experience your clients?

In episode 166 of the Bokeh Podcast, Charity Maurer shares the three components of her business that truly elevated her brand to the luxury level. Making these simple changes in your business will allow you to create a unique service in your market.

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Show Notes

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Time Technique: Create rhythms and routines around time.

The Gear Bag: Pentax N2

Brand Position: High end wedding photographer for clients planning luxury destination weddings in Arizona.

Three Components to Luxury Wedding Photography
1. Offering an elevated service.
a. Quick response times.
b. Offer a team (two photographers and an assistant) for the couple on their wedding day.
2. Attention to detail.
a. Notice when others need a break or when someone needs a water.
b. Cutting out distractions in your photos while you’re shooting.
3. Offering a more curated product.
a. Culling to create a more finalized product.

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Tribes by Seth Godin: bit.ly/bp-tribes
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