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Episode 422: Leave No Trace – Maddie Mae

Have you considered the impacts your business leaves on the environment? From where you’re shooting to how you’re sharing about it, you have more influence than you may think!

In episode 422 of the Bokeh Podcast, Maddie Mae joins us to discuss how the Leave No Trace movement focuses on teaching the best practices we can follow to both enjoy and protect the outdoors simultaneously. Listen in as she shares seven important principles to consider in order to leave no trace and help create a positive impact on the land you’re visiting while photographing your clients.

Bonus: Make sure you check out her course, How to Leave No Trace, to learn more about ensuring your business is taking care of our world!

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Show Notes

Customer Experience: The difference between your client’s expectations vs what you deliver. (2:16)

Marketing Miopia (5:02)

Outsourcing/Delegation: What are the core competencies that have to be done by me? (7:16)

The Passion Behind Leave No Trace (18:57)

Awareness in the Environment (27:06)

What is Leave No Trace? (36:55)

7 Principles to Leave No Trace (55:19)
1. Plan and prepare
2. Travel and camp on durable surfaces
3. Disposing of waste properly
4. Leave what you find
5. Minimize campfire impacts
6. Respect wildlife
7. Be considerate of others

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