Episode 423: 3 Big Ideas for a Stronger Business – Milton Jackson

Have you developed a solid foundation for success in your business?

In episode 423 of the Bokeh Podcast, Milton Jackson, photographer and founder of PicSpotr joins us to share three big ideas that led him to creating a stronger business. Listen in as we talk more than just tools, softwares, and admin work, but take a deep dive into personalizing your business.

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Show Notes

About Milton (1:18)

About PicSpotr: Empower photographers to build their business. (3:15)

Customer Experience: Growth is a reflection of your ability to make your customer feel like your only customer. (8:23)

Technique for Time: (14:47)
Figure out how to time block.

Define SMART goals:


Delegation (17:19)

Book Recommendations:
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
The E-myth Revisited
Digital Marketing Handbook by Shavani Crawl? https://www.amazon.com/Digital-Marketing-Handbook-Optimization-Content/dp/1519506392


Challenges Faced in Picsptr: (38:58)
Finding Ideal Customer
Know your value, charge your value.

Three Biggest Lessons (45:12)
1. Be who you are, don’t hide it.
2. Surround yourself with people who understand you and your values.
3. Be data driven.

Practical Ways to be Data Driven in Business (53:10)
Set a monetary goal for your business, review what types of shoots are generating the most revenue and shift your marketing.

The Workshop for Photographers
User Community