Episode 36: JPEG vs. RAW: The Debate Continues – Gavin Wade

From his personal relationships to the way he starts and runs his businesses, Gavin Wade is an all-in kind of guy. Listen in to today’s Bokeh’s podcast as Gavin shares how this hyper-focus not only led to an amazing relationship and partnership with his wife, Erin, but two wonderful businesses, and even a decision to photograph in JPEG instead of RAW. Learn how Gavin made the decision about this controversial format, and how he maintains quality and consistency in his work despite its possible shortcomings!

Show Notes

Instagram: @gavinwadephoto
Website: Gavin Wade Photography, CloudSpot

Show Notes:

Introduction to Gavin Wade [00:31]
Brand Position [16:01]
Partnership with Your Spouse [017:41]
JPEG vs. Raw [26:30]
Avoiding Overexposure [32:13]
Cloudspot [37:10]
Contact Gavin [54:53]