Episode 126: How to Use Instagram Stories More Effectively – Anastasia Giaouris

Are you hesitant to make an appearance on your Instagram in order to maintain a beautiful feed? Could this be leading to missed opportunities from clients who want to know the person behind the camera?

In episode 126 of the Bokeh Podcast, Anastasia Giaouris of Olive Photography shares how she uses Instagram Stories to represent her brand, herself, and her values. Listen in as she provides you with tips to get started creating content for Instagram Stories that will connect you and your followers.

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Show Notes

For me, the purpose of the stories primarily is to connect with your viewers, help them get to know you.

Lesson Learned: Two months after going full time, she experienced an anxiety attack where she ended up calling an ambulance. After that experience, she realized she needed to take time for herself, live her life with intention and not let her business take over her life.

Steps to Taking More Time for Herself:
1. Going out for more walks.
2. Learn how to ground yourself and just take time to breathe.

Brand Position: A photographer of love and happiness, capturing genuine warm moments of life and love.

Content Ideas for Instagram Stories:
1. Great projects you’re working on.
2. Upcoming shoots that you’re preparing for.
3. Your pets, because everyone loves animals.
4. Food that you enjoy.
5. Behind the scenes of your life.

3 Creative Ways to Use Instagram Stories:
1. Make your followers an insider on a dilemma.
2. Poll your audience.
3. Take them with you on an adventure.

4 Steps to Get Started:
1. Identify what your brand is and the type of people you want to attract.
2. Asses things that you already do that naturally represent your brand to share on your stories.
3. Utilize the tools that Instagram has to make stories look fun.
4. Don’t be afraid to show your face.

Instagram Accounts to Follow for Inspiration:
@kironcmukherjee @phil_torres @brides

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