Episode 567: How to Get Started with Underwater Portraits – Elizabeth Blank

Underwater photography is a beautifully unique and niche market to pursue, but before you dive in and buy all new shiny equipment, it’s important to know if you’re ready for a whole new world of photography!

For episode 567 of The Bokeh Podcast, we are joined by Elizabeth Blank to talk about the ins and outs of underwater portrait photography and how to get started! From learning about the intricacies of shooting in a different environment down to the importance of knowing why you want to pursue a niche genre, Elizabeth covers both the exciting and challenging aspects of underwater photography. 

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Show Notes

Brand position (3:38)

What type of environments is Elizabeth photographing in? (5:56)

Was the choice of underwater photography intentional from a competition standpoint? (8:44)

What is the demand like for underwater photography as a niche market? (11:50)

Going outside the local market to find clients (14:38)

Creating a great customer experience (16:07)

Technique for time management (22:31)

Outsourcing/Delegation (24:23)

Book recommendation (32:10)
The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins

Biggest Challenges with Underwater Photography (35:06)

1. Learning a new genre of photography
2. Logistics

Favorite Part of Underwater Photography (38:41)

6 Steps to Starting an Underwater Photography Business (40:17)
1. Liability Insurance 
2. Choose Your Equipment
3. Know Where to Shoot
4. Understand Your Ideal Client and Know Your Marketplace
5. Understand Lightroom and Photoshop
6. Be Creative with What You Offer