Episode 509: How to Create Chain-Reaction Marketing Plans – Ben Hartley

Do your marketing efforts feel like single dominos, falling one by one – but not quite close enough to the next to have a continued motion?

Proactively planning and producing marketing strategies that work together to create value and move your business forward can be game-changing! Ben Hartley is here for episode 509 to help set the stage for creating a more cohesive marketing plan – one that will produce a true domino effect!

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Show Notes

Brand Position (15:17)

Creating a great customer experience (17:05)

Technique for time management (23:36)

Book Recommendation (31:33)
Essentialism by Greg McKeown

How photographers aren’t connecting their marketing efforts (36:40)

Where did the idea of a chain reaction marketing plan come from? (52:40)

What questions should photographers be asking regarding their marketing efforts? (58:58)
1. How can I use this effort to move my business closer to the vision I have for my life?
2. Who else can I partner with to make this a success?
3. How can I move this effort off the screen and to a more personal connection?

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