Episode 504: How to Bring Genuine Energy to Client Interactions – John Mansfield

Are you genuinely engaging with your clients and potential clients in a way that makes them feel like more than a number? Don’t they deserve to feel valued and appreciated?

John Mansfield of All Heart Photography truly lives out the name of his business – he puts his heart into his interactions with clients. When potential clients shared with him that they have felt like a number with photographers, he made it a goal to change that perception. Listen in to episode 504 of The Bokeh Podcast to hear his proactive approach to building genuine relationships with his clients.

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Show Notes

Brand Position (7:43)

Creating a great customer experience (12:36)

Technique for time management (18:41)

Outsourcing/Delegation (24:53)

Book Recommendation (35:57)
The Stack by Shaun Gordon

Photographers treating clients like a number  (40:48)

4 ways photographers can bring genuine energy to clients (45:43)
1. Show interest in your clients – ask specific questions, then follow up with more questions!
2. Give insight into the planning process:   
a. Provide resources to help with wedding planning
b. Open line of communication – being available as a resource
c. Take notes when meeting with the client to have all of the details
d. Lead a Facebook group to post tips/tricks for planning
3. Give gifts to clients
4. Cheer the clients on through the experience
a. Follow them on social media – then engage!
b. Send emails that aren’t only logistics-related
c. Be proactive – anticipate questions and provide answers before they ask