Episode 56: How to Communicate With Your Clients – Andrejka Hirschegger

At the root of any good relationship is good communication, and this is particularly true in a photographer-client relationship. And yet, we’ve probably all found ourselves in a situation where there was a misunderstanding with a client, or someone’s expectations weren’t met.

In today’s Bokeh podcast episode, wedding and portrait photographer Andrejka Hirschegger shares what she’s learned – not only about how to communicate effectively with a client – but ultimately how to lead them through an amazing experience with her business!  Make sure to listen for tips that you can apply to your client communication today!

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Show Notes

Website: andrejkaphotography.com
Instagram: @andrejkaphotography
Facebook: andrejkaphotography
Book: Creating Customer Evangelists, by Jackie Huba and Ben McConnell
Snack: Green Tea Kit Kats