Episode 57: Building a Business to Benefit Others – Stephanie Willcox

Building a business around your passion can be an amazing experience, but have you ever wanted to do more? Think about how you can use your business to truly benefit others.

In episode 57 of Bokeh podcast, Stephanie Wilcox of JW Weddings shares what motivated her to build her business to benefit others. From raising her four boys to raising funds for villages in Kenya, Stephanie has a passion for using her business to help others. Make sure to listen to hear the steps she took to begin using her business to make a difference.

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Show Notes

About Stephanie: Stephanie Wilcox is a wedding and engagement photographer in the Quad Cities and surrounding area. When she’s not with her team photographing weddings, you can find her spending time with her husband and four boys or out running marathons.

Aha Moment: You don’t have to pay to network. It is free to make friends.

Stephanie’s Start: Stephanie got her start as a wedding assistant after dropping off a roll of film to be developed and getting a job offer when she went to pick it up. This opportunity opened up so many doors for her, which allowed her to start her photography business. Now, Stephanie always tries to have an intern or assistant that is learning so she can give someone the opportunity she was given.

Stephanie’s Why: When Stephanie took a step back and reviewed her why, she realized she wanted it to be more than just the photographic part of it. She wanted her business to benefit others, so she found an organization to partner with and dedicate a certain amount of each wedding to.

3 Steps to Proactively Utilize Your Business:
1. Establish your “why.”
2. Find someone locally to get actively involved in a continuous project. Stick with one project or mission and see it grow.
3. If you can’t give money, then give your time.

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