Episode 380: An Introduction to Finding a Great Second Shooter – Misha Wynn

Have you struggled to find the perfect second shooter to add to your team?

In episode 380 of the Bokeh Podcast, Misha Wynn discusses the important role a second shooter can play on wedding days, along with what to look for in potential team members. Listen in as she shares how she approaches hiring and training second shooters for her photography business.

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Show Notes

Customer Experience: Be authentic and honest, communicate effectively, and show gratitude. (00:54)

Brand Position: Candid and comfortable moments with a photojournalistic approach. (8:54)

Technique for Time: Schedule intentional breaks from work to do nothing (week at a time). (14:20)

Delegation/Outsourcing: Admin assistant and outsource editing. Start with one task at a time. (17:25)

Inspiration: Art and Relationships (18:42)

Book Recommendations: Reposition Yourself by T. D. Jakes – bit.ly/bp-repositionyourself (20:47)


Why Hire a Second Shooter: Capture images at different angles, more detail, and be an extension of you as the photographer. (24:02)

Bad Experiences with Second Shooters (25:48)

The Perfect Second Shooter (28:41)
1. Find someone eager to learn.
2. Set clear expectations for their responsibility and images.
3. Bring an experienced second shooter to weddings with a new second shooter/assistant.

Reviewing Wedding Style and Composition (31:27)

Shadowing on Wedding Days (34:09)

Reviewing & Comparing Work (35:34)