Episode 529: Dramatic Lighting for Sports and Senior Portraits – Clark Sanders

When you have sports or senior clients who want to be photographed in a unique location, it sometimes creates a difficult situation for the photographer when it comes to lighting. How can that situation be resolved so that the client receives the images they want, and the photographer is able to capture well-lit images?

Clark Sanders says, “Take the studio outside!” In episode 529 of the Bokeh Podcast, hear strategies that Clark uses to create both natural and cinematic style lighting scenarios for his sports and senior portraits – with little extra equipment! Check out the simple steps he takes to ensure his images are correct in the camera with little to no extra work needed in post-production.

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Show Notes

Brand Position (4:10)

Creating a great customer experience (7:30)

Technique for time management (16:58)

Outsourcing/Delegation (20:44)

Book Recommendation (23:52)
Worth Every Penny by Erin Verbeck and Sarah Petty

What does “dramatic lighting” actually mean? (29:02)

Concepts that Drive Clark’s Approach to Lighting (37:23)
1. Use of Ambient Light – expose for the ambient light first and adjust as needed!
2. Placement of studio light  – keep it as close to the subject but out of the frame
3. Camera settings – manually adjust settings based on the mood/lighting situation
4. Favorite lighting gear – Godox AD200