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Episode 334: How to Attract Kind, Happy Clients – Rachel Mandel

Wouldn’t it be ideal to only attract ideal clients that align with your core values?

In episode 334 of the Bokeh Podcast, Rachel Mandel discusses the motivation to change her brand messaging and marketing efforts to attract kind, happy clients. Listen in as she shares the updates she made in her brand, along with techniques for converting those potential ideal clients into loyal customers.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: I help you to see your natural glow as fine art, incorporating cheerful attitudes to see your beautify internally and externally. (2:25)

Rachel’s Family History & Connection to Photography (11:20)

Advice for Photographers: Keep everything legal and documented. (13:52)

Technique for Time: Edit photos immediately after taking them. Flag the images, create a new smart collection, and edit from there. (19:29)

Content Consumption: Online education and using her Masters Degree to apply it. (22:49)

Book Recommendation: Handbook on the Psychology of Pricing – bit.ly/bp-psychologyofpricing (25:30)

The Gear Bag: LED Pen with strip of white lights for photographing rings. bit.ly/bp-ledpen (27:12)

Rachel’s Experience with Unhappy Clients (29:36)

Making the Shift to Attract Kind, Happy Clients (32:08)

Facebook Ads Interests: Promote Social Justice and Promote Gratitude (32:08)

The Motivating Factor (33:05)

Education to Help with the Shift: (34:21)
Pia Silva – badassyourbrand.com
Sales Trainings

Messaging: I thrive on making the most important moments of your life timeless, bright, and stress free. (36:06)

Previous Messaging: All about Rachel. (37:31)

Searching for Rachel’s Ideal Clients (40:36)
Facebook Ad Targeting: Promote Social Justice, Gratitude, and Values that Align with Yours
Facebook Ad Targeting by Wedding Interests: The Knot, Wedding Wire, Style Me Pretty, etc
Further Targeting: Engaged Couples

Important Trait of A Successful Sales Person: Shut Up & Listen – Understand what your client wants and thoughtfully respond while taking notes.

Questions for Your Potential Clients: (44:34)
Always end an email or phone call with a low-commitment question.
Checking in every couple of days.

Building a Storybrand – bit.ly/bp-storybrand