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Episode 236: The Argument for Affordable Photography – Scott Choucino

Have you researched the market that you’re servicing with your photography business and the opportunities that lie beyond your specific market?

In episode 236 of the Bokeh Podcast, Scott Choucino shares his opinion on why it’s important for every market to have affordable photography, and how those charging less aren’t undercutting high-end photography services.

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Show Notes

Technique for Time: Create time for yourself by focusing on tasks that are positive on your life.

Brand Position: Commercial Food Photographer in London

Why You’re Not Happy with Your Payment:
1. Are you trying to pitch a service to a client who doesn’t need it?
2. Is your skillset as good as you think it is?

Are less expensive photographers undercutting the market?
No, everyone has a type of client they work best with and their price will reflect that.

How to Create a Scalable Business For the Largest Segment of the Wedding Market:
1. Create great systems.
2. Determine your service for your price so you don’t lose money.
3. Don’t focus on your gear.

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