Episode 374: From 0-100 Portraits in One Year – Nata Salvatori

Are you an aspiring photographer with a hesitation to build your business because you’re not sure where to start?

In episode 374 of the Bokeh Podcast, Nata Salvatori joins us to discuss the 11 steps she took to start her photography business, allowing her to go from 0-100 portrait sessions in one year.

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Show Notes

Customer Experience: Take the time to get to know each customer. (2:15)

Validate the fact that you’re actually listening.

Brand Position: Most photographers capture moments, I help you see how AMAZING you truly are!

Technique for Time: Time Blocking & Adaptation (Nata is also a great multi-tasker) (12:48)

Delegation/Outsourcing: Blogging (17:07)

Inspiration: Drives in the car with a podcast or book. (21:40)

Book Recommendations: (25;35)
Building a story brand
Who Moved My Cheese?


About Nata (28:32)

Photography Education (34:01)
David Molnar
Zach & Jody

11 Steps to 0-100 Portraits in a Year (36:20)
1. Photography Education – Youtube & Webinars (36:20)
2. Business Education – CPA & Tuesday’s Together (40:44)
3. Practicing Your Craft (43:53)
4. Advice vs Mentors (45:35)
5. Scaling Your Business/Structure (47:53)
6. Networking (54:10)
7. Tell People About Your Business (58:46)
8. Direct Communication/Awareness (1:02:34)
9. Volunteer for Work (1:04:30)
10. Be Active on Social Media (1:05:52)
11. Think Outside the Box (1:09:09)