Photographer’s Edit
vs AI Editing Software

AI sees pixels. We see nuance, emotion, and art.
You choose.

Get 25 image color-correct for FREE on your 1st order!

Img by @joyandbenphotography

Photographer’s Edit vs
AI Editing Software

AI sees pixels.
We see nuance, emotion, and art.
You choose.

Custom Editing or Batch Editing?

Look, we understand the appeal of cheap, automated software. In fact, if that’s what you’re looking for, why not just run auto-corrections in Lightroom and slap on a preset? You might save even more money!

We also know that your editing style matters to you. If you don’t want to cross your fingers hoping that the automated software will eventually figure out your style after submitting thousands of images, then let Photographer’s Edit give your images the customized touch they deserve – by an individual editor! Just check out the attention to detail that this image receives by one of our editors!

A Photographer’s Comparison

“I have sent over 20 galleries to ***** AI and I am even subscribed to their top tier subscription. BUT it constantly messes up my edits…

Photographer’s Edit has been so easy, convenient, and is always spot on. Nothing beats a REAL live person doing your work for you!”

Alyssa Flores, Photographer

Why Should I Choose PE?

Photographer’s Edit offers customized editing that matches your editing style – processed by skilled, individual editors with a nuanced perspective. Automated software can’t read the emotion or nuance in your images – or provide you with customized options for each of your galleries. Here are just a few of our defining features vs what you’ll get with AI:

Photographer’s Edit

  • Fast onboarding process
  • Custom editing that matches YOUR style
  • Individual editors who see nuance and emotion
  • Done right the FIRST time
  • Localized adjustments for balancing subjects and backgrounds

Artificial Intelligence

  • Cheap batch editing
  • Fast initial edits with additional work required by you
  • Processed by a robot without nuanced perspective
  • Limited options to customize each order
  • Many orders (thousands of images) needed to learn your style

You’re the Boss!

At Photographer’s Edit YOU maintain control of how your images are edited – rather than giving that control to a software program with no ability to see nuance and art. In just 4 easy steps you will have custom-edited images that you can deliver to your client!

  • Create an Account
  • Share your editing style
  • Place your order
  • Receive images back that look like yours…the FIRST time