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Episode 283: Workflow Wednesday: How to Plan for a Sabbatical – Rich, Heather, Haylee & Nathan

As an entrepreneur, do you struggle with the idea that taking a long period of time off work will cause your business to crumble?

In episode 283 of the Bokeh Podcast, Rich & Heather Smith share what their business looks like after a 14 day sabbatical to Alaska, and how they managed their business without cell phone or internet. Listen in as they share practical tips for preparing your business for a long trip so that you can still enjoy traveling as a business owner.

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Show Notes


Preparing for a Trip/Sabbatical:
1. Plan ahead for communication, money, and sessions.
2. Don’t overcommitted around your travel dates.
3. Set up a great autoresponder.
4. Build and rely on your relationships.

Practical Tip: Minimize your overwhelm by not over-doing it.

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