Episode 80: Building a Workflow for Your Photography Business – Ashley Gerrity

Are you searching for an organized, more systematized way to run your photography business?

In episode 80 of the Bokeh Podcast, photographer Ashley Gerrity shares how she organized her business by implementing the perfect workflow. Listen as she shares her top three tools for running a successful business and studio from anywhere in the country.

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Show Notes

Ashley’s Aha Moment: While she is a huge advocate of long term planning, it has to be evolutionary. This realization came when her husband’s residency placed him on the other side of the country. This change meant she had to evaluate the challenges, plans, and options in her business.

Tips for Consuming Podcast Content: Use time that allows you to focus on the content, like driving in the car or walking the dog.

Company Tools:
1. Honeybook – This client management system allows you to create a workflow for each client.
2. Asana – This project management system can be used for big picture goals in her business.
3. Google Drive – This cloud based system allows Ashley to store and share important documents with her team.

Champagne Fridays: The editor of San Fransisco Bride taught this technique at a conference. The concept is to sit down with a bottle of champagne and reflect on the business as a whole. What can be changed, adjusted, and improved upon.

1. Photographer’s Edit – In order to get time back in her business, Ashley outsources her photos for culling and color correction. This also allows her to see the final edits from her associates just before they go to the client.
2. Pixieset – To provide digital downloads to her clients, Ashley uses Pixieset for gallery delivery.
3. Fundy – This company is used to make print sales with the company.

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