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Episode 170: How to Photograph for Wedding Blogs – Nova Reid

Have you wanted to get your work published on your favorite wedding blog?

In episode 170 of the Bokeh Podcast, Nova Reid of Nu Bride shares how to shoot with a publication in mind, in order to capture the attention of blog editors. Listen as she shares what she looks for in photos submitted to Nu Bride.

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Show Notes

Time Technique: Place boundaries around your work so you can take care of yourself.

Practical Steps to Inclusion in Your Photography Business:
1. Have an awareness of your brand and a desire to be inclusive.
2. Review your portfolio. Does it represent inclusion? Who are you not representing?

Steps to Getting Published on Wedding Blogs:
1. Connect with the bloggers that align with the same audience as your clients.
2. Capture skin tones appropriately.
3. Submit photos that fit the publication you want to be published in. For example, Nu Bride wants you to capture the emotion of the day, so less posed and more candid.