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Episode 241: How to Speed Up Turnaround Time – Caitlin & Luke Bachtold

Does your client experience suffer from slow turnaround time?

In episode 241 of the Bokeh Podcast, Caitlin & Luke Bachtold share how they manage to deliver client galleries to clients in just over a week after their weddings. Listen in as they share the benefits of outsourcing, and what their full workflow looks like from the wedding to the final delivery!

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Show Notes

Technique for Time: Get you day started really early.

Book Recommendation:
The Bible
Luke: This is Marketing Seth Godin –bit.ly/bp-sg-marketing
Caitlin: Worth Every Penny by Erin Verbeck & Sarah Petty- bit.ly/bp-everypenny

Advice for Photographers:
Caitlin: It’s about the people you’re photographing, not just the craft.
Luke: Always keep learning; don’t stay on cruise control.

Brand Position: A husband and wife photography and videography team loving and serving couples.

The Gear Bag:
Canon 5D Mark IV
Sony A7 III
Walkie Talkies: bit.ly/bp-walkietalkie

The Post Production Workflow:
Shoot the Wedding
Day Off
Luke Culls the Wedding with No Distractions in Photomechanic
– Caitlin Adds to a Lightroom Catalog and Edits 100 Photos for the Blog and for Reference for Editors
– Caitlin Uploads the Edited Photos to an Online Gallery to send to their Virtual Assistant
– Caitlin Downloads the Images and Uses Blog Stomp to Prep for Blogging, Creates Vendor Credit Links, and Drafts the Blog Post
Caitlin Reviews the Draft and Adds Content About the Wedding Day
– Luke Sends the Lightroom Catalog to Photographer’s Edit
Images Arrive Back from Photographer’s Edit
Caitlin Uploads Images to Gallery and Send to Client
– Virtual Assistant Delivers Images to Vendors

Tips for Faster Culling:
– Do It As Soon As Possible
– Don’t Get Emotionally Attached to the Photos
– Pick Instead of Delete

Why a Faster Turnaround Time?
It provides less liability for your business – the shorter the amount of time that the images are in your hands, the less likely something will happen to them.

– Harddrive
– NAS – Cloud Based Storage (Used only to access image on the go as needed)
– External Harddrive in a Fireproof Safe
– Online Gallery System

Zig Zigler: ziglar.com
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