Episode 317: Sexual Healing Through Boudoir Photography – LeZandra Persinger

Have you found a way to serve your boudoir clients in a way that goes beyond the camera?

In episode 317 of the Bokeh Podcast, LeZandra Persinger shares how she enables sexual healing during her boudoir sessions, and provides support beyond photography on her journey to becoming a sex therapist.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Empowering women to own their sexuality.

Knowing Who You Are (7:56)

Technique for Time: Create a firm schedule. (11:37)

Content Recommendations: Tim Ferris – tim.blog (17:53)

The Gear Bag: Yoga Mat and Yoga Blocks

The Topic of Sex (26:02)

Sexual Healing Through Boudoir Photography: (33:16)
1. The photographer is a guide in the shoot and in the healing.
2. Discuss with clients their potential triggers, along with what they want to express and feel.

Sessions with LeZandra: (37:23)
1. Initial inquiry ensures the session type and price is what they’re looking for.
2. In-person consultations to discuss expectations, followed with email series to prep them for the session.
3. At the session, they’ll sit in hair and makeup while chatting.
4. They’ll look over wardrobe choices.
5. After the stylists leave, they get into a deeper conversation about why they’re having the session done.
6. Then they get started with shooting while playing music. (Bonus: Clients can bring their own alcohol, but they have a 2 drink max.)