Episode 78: How to Run a Business in 20 Hours a Week – Erin Hernandez-Reisner

Are you overworking yourself and missing out on time with your family?

In episode 78 of the Bokeh Podcast, Erin Hernandez-Reisner shares how a horrific personal experience drastically shifted her perspective about work-life balance, changed her relationships with her clients, and led to a 20-hour workweek!

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Show Notes

Erin’s Aha Moment: When Erin’s daughter suffered a spinal injury, her business was put on hold. During that time away she realized that some of her customers were truly invested in her business and supported her family. She had taken the time to connect with her clients and it had benefited her business in a way she had never imagined it.

Erin’s Three Goals to Define Her Success:
1. Build a business that provided her with enough money to do life comfortably.
2. Have the balance that allowed her to spend quality time with her family.
3. Make the effort to see the world and travel.

Connecting With Their Wedding Clients: When Erin realized that her wedding clients weren’t just the couple, but also the families of the couple, she quickly changed her approach to client relationships to include them. Giving the opportunity to the couple to allow their parents to be part of their viewing or have their own and order prints, grew her business significantly.

The Benefits of Viewing Photographs with Clients:
1. You get to see the reaction and impact your work has made on them.
2. Clients share their favorite images with you and want your recommendations how to use them in albums and prints.
3. You can grow your business by offering the family that same option as your couples and allow them to order prints and albums.

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Instagram: @photosedge_weddings