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Episode 294: Creating Powerful Reception Lighting – Kenny Clapp

Do your reception photos fall short because you’re not familiar with making the most of your light sources?

In episode 294 of the Bokeh Podcast, Kenny Clapp shares the important principals for creating powerful reception lighting. Listen in this special episode where we scroll through Kenny’s Instagram to review the characteristics of light to look for while you’re shooting.

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Show Notes

Based in: Baltimore and the DMV area (2:30)

Brand Position: Honest, Meaningful, and Attentive (3:01)

Advice for Photographers: Learn the technical side of photography first. (10:56)

Content Recommendation: (12:38)

Technique for Time: Treat your business like a business and give yourself a timeframe for getting things done.(16:52)

Book Recommendation: Mindset by Carol Dweck – bit.ly/bp-mindset (21:27)

The Gear Bag: Stamping Block – bit.ly/bp-stampingblock (24:10)

What Drew Kenny to Dramatic Lighting: His Experience at Failing with It. (27:20)

Drawing Inspiration:
Magmod How I Shot It Youtube – bit.ly/bp-howishotit
Photography Contests

Four Characteristics of Lighting: (36:24)
1. Quantity of Light
2. Quality of Light
3. Color of Light
4. Direction of Light

Quantity & Quality of Light Discussion:

Color of Light:

Direction of Light:

Practical Tips for Reception Lighting: (50:00)
1. Scout your location ahead of time.
2. Don’t overcomplicate things or equipment.
3. Use grid to control your light.
4. Experiment in a controlled manner.

Godox Flashpoint – bit.ly/bp-godoxflashpoint
AD200 – bit.ly/bp-godox-ad200 (55:01)

Mentioned in this Episode:
Eric & Amber Langwa
Eric McAllister – mccallisterphoto.com
Roy Cox – 4-optic.com