Episode 102: How to Incorporate a Photo Booth in Your Business – Michael and Melissa McManus

Does running a photo booth sound like a good addition to your photography business?

In episode 102 of the Bokeh Podcast, Michael and Melissa McManus of M2 Photography and Poser PhotoBooth Co share how they decided a photo booth was the right move in their market. Listen in as they share how to get started with the right booth, hire the right people, and execute a plan for a successful business.

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Show Notes

Michael & Melissa’s Aha Moment: After years of taking any and everything, Michael and Melissa realized that the things that would make them happiest were easily obtained through:
1. Taking less weddings.
2. Raising their prices and having associates for lower budget weddings.
3. Saying no to people that weren’t a good fit.

The Gear Bag: Nikon D850

Gethrr: Gethrr was created to allow anyone to make a tangible difference in other people’s lives starting with $1/month donations.

Why a Photo Booth?
1. There was a need for a photo booth company that had it all together in their market.
2. It was an opportunity that would allow them to shoot less weddings.

The Importance of Photo Booths:
1. It’s a perfect Segway for photographers to take on another business venture.
2. It’s an experience you’re providing

Two Way to Misuse a Photo Booth:
1. Photographers aren’t treating their Photo Booth like a business.
2. They’re not hiring and training good people to run the booth.

How to Hire the Right People:
1. Take formal applications, conduct interviews, and provide preliminary video training.
2. Have a paid in-person training of the photo booth and company expectations.
3. Bring them on tag-a-longs with an existing attendant until they get a feel of what a solo event would feel like.
4. Based on how the training went, they’ll be hired for solo events.

How to Incorporate a Photo Booth into your Business:
1. Begin with a plan and goals for the business.
2. Research and find the photo booth that works for you.
3. Learn everything about the gear you purchase so you can teach attendants how to fix things if they mess up.
4. Start putting feelers out there for an attendant before you book your first wedding.
5. Package it really nicely from the price packages to the booth itself.

Website: m2-photography.net
Instagram: @therealm2 @m2_michael & @m2_melissa
Photo Booth Website: poserphotobooth.co
Non-profit Website: gethrr.org
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