Episode 93: Better Personal Relationships for Entrepreneurs – Monique Melton

Do you struggle to build personal relationships while focusing so much of your time and energy on your business?

In episode 93, relationship expert and business coach, Monique Melton, discusses the importance of genuine connections inside and outside of your brand. Listen in as she shares the four behaviors you may be presenting that are hurting your personal relationships.

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Show Notes

Monique’s Aha Moment: Make sure your identity is grounded in something outside of your business. Who are you without the business or relationships in your life? Continuing to pursue you is so important, not only for life, but for those relationships or businesses to grow.

Technique for Free Time: Intentionally scheduling time for her family on the calendar is extremely helpful of creating the harmony she needs in her life.

Creating the Monique Melton Brand: After Monique did some soul searching to find her calling, she felt the desire to support business owners in building profitable businesses while maintaining healthy relationships.

Sweet Brands:
S – Story – What is the brand story between you and your clients?
W – Wealth – How are you growing your business?
E – Experience – What are the stages of your client experience?
E – Exceptional Marketing – How are you reaching your clients?
T – Team – How are we going to develop and nurture your team?

You can buy almost anything, but you cannot buy relationships.

Four Behaviors that are Hurting Your Personal Relationships
1. Relying on social media as a replacement for relationships when it should only be used as an enhancement.
2. Not having an identity outside of your brand. Making time for little things you enjoy outside of your business is so important for creating your own identity.
3. Looking at others in your industry as competition will either cause you to be too prideful or too insecure in your work. Your best work will come from you comparing yourself to your potential.
4. Not learning from others outside of the industry you’re in is causing you to lose potential growth in your business. If you’re only looking at what other photographers are doing, you’re not going to grow beyond those you’re looking at.

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