Episode 203: What I Wish Photographers Knew About Makeup Artists – Jacqueline Malocu

Have you ever considered how much work goes into the business of other wedding vendors, and how you can work with them to create a better experience for your client?

In episode 203 of the Bokeh Podcast, Jacqueline Malocu, makeup artist and owner of Beautiful Dream Team, discusses what she wants photographers to know about makeup artists. Listen in as she shares about the importance of collaboration, and how working with other vendors like they’re your teammates can build a better client experience.

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Show Notes

Technique for Time: Make a plan for the next day

Book Recommendations:
Born to Win by Zig Ziggler: bit.ly/bp-borntowin
Leave Your Mark by Jay Williams: bit.ly/bp-leaveyourmark

Beautiful Dream Team’s Client Experience:
Create a vision w/ client and the other vendors on site.

Advice for Photographers: Not everyone that you hire will do everything just as you do.

How to Collaborate Better with Vendors:
1. Introduce yourself & meet the other vendors.
2. Be empathetic about the timeline and what happened that was out of another vendors control.

PsyCosmotology: bit.ly/bp-psycosmetology
Reawaken the Giant Within: bit.ly/bp-reawaken