Episode 146: A Better Approach to LGBTQ Weddings – Bobbi Brinkman

Does your photography business communicate an openness and excitement to photograph the love story of all couples?

In episode 146 of the Bokeh Podcast, Bobbi Brinkman shares how she ensures her clients are welcomed with love and open arms from the moment they land on her website. Listen as she discusses how you can update your website to attract and embrace every couple, no matter who they love.

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Show Notes

Time Technique: Educating clients on what your hours are so there is an expectation for when they’ll receive a reply.

Brand Position: She listens so she can better tell your story.

Lesson Learned: You have to stay up to date with technology, not just photo gear, but programs that will enable you to run your business better.

Ways to Welcome LGBTQ Weddings:
1. Add a rainbow badge to your website or make it known that you’re inclusive of all weddings.
2. Find LGBTQ couples to photograph and add to your portfolio, but don’t make it about your portfolio, make it about them.

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