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Episode 47: How To Get Started With Off-Camera Lighting – Francisco Joel Hernandez

Learning how to effectively use natural light in your photography can be challenging enough, but adding other external sources of light to your photographic process can be just plain overwhelming!

On today’s Bokeh podcast episode, Sony Alpha ambassador Francisco Joel Hernandez shares simple tips and inexpensive tools to help you get started in the world of off-camera lighting, enabling you to become a more skilled photographer and set your work apart!

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Show Notes

Website: http://www.fjhphoto.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fjhphoto/
Youtube: Youtube.com/fjhphoto
Adorama XPLOR 600 Light
Fotodiox EZ-Pro Octagon Softbox
Sony a7R II
Sigma Art 85
Flashpoint Zoom R2 Manual