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Episode 641: A Few Thoughts in Closing – Nathan Holritz

Join Bokeh Podcast host Nathan Holritz for the last episode of the show, as he shares the most important lessons from the podcast over the last 7 years.

Many thanks to all of our listeners for being part of the Bokeh Podcast community, and to all the guests for giving their time and wisdom over so many episodes! 🤗

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Show Notes

Highlighting the intentions and accomplishments of the Bokeh Podcast over the last 7+ years (0:40)

Why this is the last episode of the Bokeh Podcast (7:25)

Reviewing the most important principles from The Bokeh Podcast over the last 7+ years (9:25)

Choice and Belief (11:28)

Finding Ourselves (18:58)

Big Picture View (24:27)

Proactive vs Reactive (34:20)

From Shawn Lee: Look for opportunities to serve and add value (47:51)

Will Bokeh Podcast content live on? (53:29)


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