Episode 314: Documentary Family Photography – Leslie Kershaw

Are you looking to capture family portraits in a raw and impactful way that highlights their everyday lives?

In episode 314 of the Bokeh Podcast, Leslie Kershaw gives us a look at her interpretation of documentary family photography. Listen in as she discusses capturing real moments that contribute to a family’s history and legacy.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Capture the soul of everyday family life. (07:05)

Advice for Photographers: To not get stuck in fear. (11:39)

Technique for Time: Develop habits and stick to what works. (23:24)
Atomic Habits – bit.ly/bp-atomichabits
Science of Habits – bit.ly/bp-scienceofhabit

Book Recommendations: (30:27)
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert – bit.ly/bigmagic
The Artist’s Way – bit.ly/bp-artistsway

Leslie’s Style (32:45)

Black & White Photography (37:14)

Driving Ideas to Leslie’s Documentary Style: (41:49)
1. Mindfulness
2. Intentionality
3. Creativity
4. Mastery

Contribution to Family History (50:40)

Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller – bit.ly/bp-storybrand