Episode 119: It’s About the Client – Rachael Schirano

Are you putting your artistic agenda above your client experience?

In episode 119 of the Bokeh Podcast, Rachael Schirano shares how you can put your client first while still maintaining your creativity. Listen as she provides tips for creating a smooth wedding day for both you and your client.

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Show Notes

The Gear Bag: Canon Body, Canon 24-70mm 35mm, Canon 135 mm

Tip for Choosing Gear:
You don’t always need what everyone else has. Learn what works best for your style of shooting and stick with it.

Tip for a Smooth Wedding Day:
1. Create a very secure timeline in collaboration with the wedding couple.
2. Have them create a family portrait shot list so you can run through it much smoother.

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Instagram: @rachaelschirano
Facebook: Rachael Schirano Photography
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