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Episode 199: You Should Be an Art Director! – Colleen Bies

Are you approaching your weddings and sessions with the mentality that you’re capable of creating beautiful imagery, no matter the situation?

In episode 199 of the Bokeh Podcast, Colleen Bies shares how she takes on the mindset of an agency art director to ensure the images she is capturing reflect her brand. Listen in as she describes the role of an art director, how that relates to your photography business, and the four elements that will set you up for a successful session!

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Book Recommendations:
Quitter – John Acolf
Dare to Lead – Brene Brown

The Gear Bag:

Art Director: Sets the overall style and vision for the project they’re in charge of.

4 Elements to be an Effective Art Director:
1. Prepare your client: Talk to your client about their artistic style and expectations for the day, including timelines.
2. Mindfulness: Paying attention to who and what is around you.
3. Resourcefulness: Use your knowledge to change things when they aren’t what you want for a shot in a room.
4. Take an Action

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