Episode 297: How to Get Started in Apparel Photography – Vince Sirico

Are you passionate about apparel, fashion, and photography? Did you know you could merge them into a career?

In episode 297 of the Bokeh Podcast, Vince Sirico shares how his dream of becoming a shoe designer led him to falling in love with shoe photography. Listen in as he explains what photographing shoes for brands entails, along with how you can get started in apparel photography.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: A photographer passionate about footwear and apparel. (3:18)

Advice for Photographers: Be incredibly patient. (9:50)

Technique for Time: Treat your job like a typical corporate workday and find a hobby that allows you to forget about your work day. (14:05)

Book/Content Recommendation: (16:51)
Shoe Dog by Phil Knight – bit.ly/bp-shoedog
This Is Not a T-Shirt by Bobby Hundreds – bit.ly/bp-notatshirt
How I Built This (AirBnB, WeWork, Starbucks, Southwest, & Toms Shoes) – bit.ly/bp-howibuiltthis

The Gear Bag: Fishing Wire (21:31)

Inspiration for Environmental Color Matching: trashhand.com & Tyler Mansor – instagram.com/arab_lincoln (24:02)

Location Scouting Processes (26:37)

How to Get Started in Apparel Photography (36:44)
1. Don’t stray from your dreams and stay in your lane.
2. Build confidence from putting in the work and continue learning.
3. Pay it forward.

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