Custom Photo Editing Services

From culling to color correction to retouching, we’ll make sure the finished images match your style. Check out the image editing services we offer below, then try us out with 25 FREE Color Correction edits!

Custom Color Correction

Photographer’s Edit color corrects to match your editing style for only $.24 per image. Create an account, share your style with our team, and let our editing team do the rest!

The Custom Color Correction service is highly customizable, but can include some or all of the following:

• Application of your favorite Lightroom or Capture One preset
• Adjustment of brightness / contrast / color
• Cropping and straightening
• Sharpening and/or noise reduction
• Reordering / sequencing
• Renumbering / renaming
• Categorization
• Black and white conversion or copies
• Lightroom 11 or 12 Adaptive Presets (choose “Localized Adjustments” when placing orders)

Culling & Custom Color Correction

Using Lightroom Classic or Capture One, we’ll select the best images from the collection you send us, and apply our world-renowned custom color correction – based on your editing style. Pricing starts at $.14 per image, and you can calculate your cost HERE!

We cull your images based on the following criteria:

1. Percentage
2. Importance of the Moment
3. Composition or Artistic Value
4. Expression
5. Variety

Lightroom Retouching

For $2.00 per image, add Lightroom Retouching to your next Custom Color Correction order! We’re already color-correcting your images in Lightroom; we’ll retouch any images you designate as well!

Please note that pricing is for up to 2 subjects per image. More than 2 subjects will result in additional charges.

• Adjustment brush
• Skin blemish removal
• Basic flyaway hair removal (around the head)
• Skin softening (face and body)
• Whitening of eyes and teeth

A La Carte Photoshop Retouching

Our Photoshop Retouching service provides next-level retouching for the most common retouching needs with the simplicity of à la carte pricing starting at $1!

• Blemish removal – $1/img
• Skin smoothing (face only) – $1/img
• Minimize wrinkles on face (softening of eye bags/dark circles – 2 people max) – $1/img
• Light glare removal from glasses – $4/img
• Braces removal – $4/img
• Flyaway hairs (across face, 2 people max) – $5/img
• Swap background – $4/img
• Skin smoothing (body, including face) – $8/img
• Face or head swap (2 people max) – $11/img
• Extend background – $8/img
• Object removal (2-3 small objects or 1 person) – $8/img

Custom Photoshop Retouching

Do you have retouching needs that are unique or not listed in the services above? No worries! We also offer a Custom Retouching service that can handle anything you need! This service is a quote-based service, with pricing based on $40/hour. Select “custom retouching” from the order menu, describe the services you need, upload your image(s) and we will respond with a quote for you to approve within 1 business day!

• Reduce shine on face
• Minimize under-eye circles
• Fix significant glare in glasses
• Slim face (double-chin), arms, body
• Smooth wrinkles in clothes
• Add or remove people or objects to or from an image