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Culling and Color Correction

What does it include?

One of the most time-consuming elements of post-production is deciding which images from your shoot to keep and give to your client. Let us handle that culling process for you!

Photograph that event or portrait session, and send us everything. We'll get rid of 50-70% of the images (based on your preferences), and then take the rest of the images through our Custom Color Correction process.

What does it cost?

$.13 per submitted image if you want 60-70% culled and the remaining custom color corrected, and $.14 per image if you want 50% culled and the remaining custom color corrected.

For example, if you photograph 2000 images at an event, it will cost you $260 to have us cull 60% and Custom Color Correct the remaining 800 images (2000 submitted images x $.13 = $260).


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