Episode 82: Six Steps to Harmony in Business and Life – Laura Neff

Are you struggling to find balance and harmony while running a photography business?

In episode 82, Laura Neff of Laura Lee Photography explains how finding harmony in your business and life can be achieved through efficiency, simplifying your systems, and working smarter. Listen in as she provides six steps that will help you make more money and have more time for your family, friends, and yourself.

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About Laura: Laura is a New Jersey + worldwide wedding and brand photographer preserving memories for adventurous, fun-loving couples and heart-driven creative brands. In addition to running a very successful photography business, she educates the creative community on all things workflow, systems, productivity and time management!  She’s obsessed with firepits, sweet wine, deep conversation, elephants, and showing off her horrible dance moves at any given moment. Laura is on a mission for entrepreneurs to schedule more date nights, brunch weekends, and vacations as a result of finding work-life balance while running a thriving business!

Laura’s Aha Moment: Before her official transition to full time photography, Laura experienced overwhelming burnout during that first busy season. At that moment, she knew there had to be some type of workflow that would automate her client’s experience. That was when she realized that she needed to work smarter, not harder, by implementing a CRM system.

Technique for Balance: Schedule everything. As an entrepreneur, your job can overlap into your personal life, so scheduling personal things, such as date nights, can help create a balance.

What Harmony Means to Laura Neff:
Feeling fulfilled & successful in both life and business, through balance, success, and happiness.

6 Steps to Harmony in Business and Life:
1. Define your “non-negotiables.”
2. Define your values in life and business.
3. Choose a word or phrase for the year.
4. Define your ideal lifestyle.
5. Set your goals.
6. Say “no” to the things that do not fit within your non-negotiables or your values.

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Laura’s Non-Negotiables:
1. Weekends that are not spent photographing weddings are spent with her friends and family. This means no engagement or portrait sessions on the weekends.
2. Meetings are only scheduled on specific days on the week so she has two full workdays to accomplish her tasks.
3. As a co-leader in her local Tuesdays Together group, she makes sure that she attends every meeting.
4. Only shoot three portrait sessions a week.

Laura’s Values:
1. Relationships
2. Self-Care
3. Adventure
4. Community
5. Gratitude
6. Freedom
7. Balance
8. Passion
9. Learning & Teaching

Laura’s 2017 Words and Phrase: 
Words: Growth & Impact
Phrase: Get out of your comfort zone!

Laura’s 2017 Goals Achieved:
1. Grow her newsletter list to 10,000 people.
2. Be a guest on 5 podcasts.
3. Host 2 webinars.

The Fireside Retreat:
Keep an eye out for Laura’s workshop where she walks through these 6 steps with you and helps you work to achieve your goals.

Books Discussed in this Episode:
Tim Ferris – The Four Hour Work Week
Moon Walking With Einstein – Joshua Foer
Think!: Before It’s Too Late – Edward de Bono
Lateral Thinking – Edward de Bono
The Memory Palace
Unlimited Memory – Kevin Horsely
Reawaken the Giant Within – Tony Robins

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