Bokeh Podcast Episode #6: Balancing Family Life with a Thriving Business – Nathan & Ashley Siner

Balancing - Siner

Welcome to Bokeh, the podcast! I want to introduce you to my new friends, the vibrant Nathan and Ashley Siner! Nathan and Ashley are based in the Indianapolis market, and have a wonderful perspective on prioritizing family (they have two young children) while simultaneously providing a memorable experience for their wedding photography clients. Listen to how they’re balancing their work and life!

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Bokeh Podcast Episode #5: Clifford, Wolverine, and The Basics of Business – Nathan Holritz


Welcome to Bokeh, the podcast! I (Nathan Holritz) normally interview our guests, but today, the roles have been reversed. My 14-year-old son steps in as the interviewer and asks me some of the questions that you all submitted for this unique episode. Among various topics, we delve into my definition of success, how I got started in business, and why I wear black t-shirts all the time.

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Bokeh Podcast Episode #4: Live in the Present, and Travel the World – Nicole Goddard

Travel - Nicole Goddard

Meet my wonderful friend, Nicole Goddard, and be inspired by her conscious choice to create more freedom for herself as an entrepreneur, live for the now, and travel the world!

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Instagram: @NicoleGoddard
Facebook: Nicole Goddard Photography

“Inspired by love and light… my photography reflects my heartfelt desire to capture timeless, unique moments that you will cherish for a lifetime. My motto ~ Live Passionately ~ is just what I do. I put my passion into your photographs.” – Nicole Goddard

About Nicole: Nicole is a photographer based out of Venice Beach, CA, but hails from Seattle. She describes herself as a perfectionist in capturing natural moments. Her favorite part of photography is getting to capture moments and milestones that make up a person’s life.

Nicole’s Passions: If you can’t find Nicole photographing her clients, then you’ll probably find her photographing her travels. AS an avid traveler, Nicole makes sure that she’s always living in the moment and documenting every trip.