Episode 198: Creating a Powerful International Elopement Experience – Rochelle Cheever

Elopement Experience - Rochelle Cheever

Does being an international elopement photographer sound like a dream, but you have no idea what it takes or where to get started?

Let us introduce you to elopement expert, Rochelle Cheever as she shares about creating a powerful elopement experience for her clients and how a knowledge of international destinations can set you apart. Listen in as she provides the elements to creating an lasting experience that will be more than your clients ever dreamed.

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About Rochelle: Rochelle Cheever is a destination wedding photographer from Italy, currently living in San Diego, California and traveling the globe to capture couples in love. For more than a decade she’s traveled the world perfecting the art of adventure and capturing exotic elopements and intimate weddings on camera. She blends the sensitivity of a portrait painter with the beauty of fine art photography, transcending the commercial and transforming your memories into a masterpiece.

Time Technique: Take advantage of work vacations: vacations that align with your work travel.

Book Recommendation: The Artists Way by Julia Cameron: bit.ly/bp-artistsway

Brand Position: Destination Wedding Photographer for Wanderlust Couples

The Gear Bag: Kontax 645 with 80mm and 58mm + Light Meter

Key Elements of A Powerful Elopement Experience:
1. Determine if their a good fit for your brand through conversation.
2. Listen to their story to determine the best venue for their elopement.
3. Connect them with the vendors in the area that you prefer to work with: planners, makeup artists, etc.
4. Become familiar with areas so you can make recommendations on the style that the couple is choosing.

Rochelle’s Book:
Italy, A Romantic Journey – rochellecheever.com/book
Coming January 2019: The Elopement Experience – rochellecheever.com/the-elopement-experience-ebook


Episode 83: How to Specialize in Photographing Elopements – Cherry Thomas

Elopements - Cherry Thomas

Are you looking to specialize in a very targeted niche, with no idea of how to market it?

In episode 83, photographer Cherry Thomas shares the one move she made that allowed her to turn her dream of photographing local elopements into a reality. Listen in as Cherry explains how a single blog post changed her career and the steps she took to make her specialized niche a success.

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About Cherry: Cherry is a Santa Barbara based photographer, specializing in elopements at the Santa Barbara Courthouse. When she’s not capturing the love of a special elopement, you can find her with her husband enjoying Star Trek, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings.

Cherry’s Aha Moment: When she realized that she no longer wanted to convince someone to hire her through what seemed like an interview, she decided to stop listing out her “qualifications,” change her credentials to things about her, and be herself. Soon after, she began booking clients with similar interests as her or just because they felt like they knew her.

How Cherry Books Elopements in Santa Barbara: She created a page that explained step-by-step how to elope at the local Santa Barbara courthouse. This allowed for her to be found by couples coming in from out of town. Through the resources she provided, the couples immediately wanted to book her.

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Website: bycherryphotography.com
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