Episode 375: Brand Position Consultation – Frank Harrington IV

Have you refined your brand position? We recently introduced a special series called Brand Position Consultations, where we explore developing unique brand positions with professional photographers.

In episode 375 of the Bokeh Podcast, Frank Harrington joins us to refine his brand position and seek guidance on whether or not to merge his two brands.

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Brand Position: The unique value prop that our businesses offer to our market.

Benefits of a Clear and Distinct Brand Position:
A. Enables Potential Clients to Immediately Know Your UVP
B. Filters Irrelevant Potential Clients
C. Simplifies/Focuses Marketing Efforts
D. Encourages Better Time Management

Based in: San Francisco Bay Area (3:53)

Goal: Looking for guidance on how to manage his portfolio and brands; two or three brands.

Current Brand Position: Photography for the Future Nostalgic (16:34)

Reasons for Shooting: (27:52)
1. Always been interested in the mechanics of camera gear.
2. You get to make people happy and document it.

Franke’s Competition: SF Wedding Photographer (35:14)

Nebulous – Hazy or unclear

Potential Brand Positions: (49:32)
Wedding Photography for San Francisco Car Lovers
Heirloom Wedding Photography for San Francisco Couples


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